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Travel to Spain and find some great moments

Date Added: January 11, 2010 06:37:57 PM
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Do you want to spend some quality time with your family away from the hustle bustle? Spain might just be the perfect country for you to visit in Europe; Spain has everything that the traveler needs and even more to look out for. The country of Spain is enriched with history that dates back several centuries and will enthrall you. The picturesque beauty of the Spanish speaking country can’t be put down into words; you will have to visit to experience it. As an American tourist you do not need a visa to go to Spain, all you need is a valid American passport and a ticket back home.


If you are gourmet then you will certainly love the rich culinary culture of Spain. Each and every city of Spain including Madrid, Barcelona etc. have their own set of culinary delights.  The currency used in Spain is euro which is a bit costly than the American dollar. Dining at exotic restaurant might be a bit expensive but it is worth the money, since you get to enjoy the best recipes in Spain from the hands of the best chefs.


The best time to travel to Spain is during May or October. During this time you will be able to avoid the scorching sun and the overcrowded streets as well.  During spring and fall you will be able to experience Spain in an entirely new perspective. Although English is spoken in the areas most frequented by the tourists but Spanish is more wide spread. If you are travelling to Spain it will be a good idea to brush up your Spanish and increase your vocabulary so that you can communicate with the locals.


While visiting Madrid, you should certainly enjoy the meal of Tapas, these food items are eaten with toothpicks and the diners can move from one establishment to the other, the sheer variety of the menu and the volume make up for a culinary extravaganza Bull fighting ad Bull running are two of the major events that occur in Madrid and you will definitely enjoy the crowds vibe and enthusiasm.


The date for bull running and bull fighting varies from one city to the other, so it will be good idea to schedule your visit accordingly.  The Spanish culture is so diverse and rich that you should certainly learn more about it while visiting the country. If you go prepared about the etiquettes then you can avoid offending your Spanish hosts. So pack your bags and set off for Spain as soon as you can.

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